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Living Reimagined

The Smarthome you dreamed is here.

A smart home ecosystem that lets you turn your home into a smart home using a single app to control all devices & appliances.

Endless Posibilities

If this then that.

this is the trigger of a scenario. It indicates when a thing should take place,

that is the desired action, simply what you want to happen.

Retrofit in your home

Retrofit Solution, can be installed in any house built in the last 15 years.

Say hello to Nocturne OS.

Designed for Security & Speed

Take your Nocto Hub out of the box, open your nocto app, and setup in seconds.

Every Nocto House needs a Hub, which helps facilitate quick and easy set-up and runs the whole system. It runs on our own OS, which is desined to be fast and reliable and build from ground up. Nocto will keep your home safe and make life easier.

Alexa is Amazon’s mighty cloud-based voice service. No need to reinvent the wheel, as a voice assistant, she’s the best, and most affordable. So Nocto will work with her. With the Nocto’s Amazon Alexa integration, you can control your home with just your voice.

Mimimum Marginal Cost

Nocto is designed for you and me. It is made affordable by cutting out the middle man, unnecessary distributors and getting rid of ridiculously high margins. Our aim is to build affordable smart home solutions to for all instead of high priced solutions for some.

Launching Soon

We are still under development, making some new devices and testing them. We will let you know when we launch, just click the button down below to subscribe.

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